What We Do For Members

At RRAP, we bring together housing providers to collectively address challenges and seize opportunities that would not be possible on an individual basis.

Government Relations

We actively represent the interests of housing providers to the government, advocating for fair and balanced legislation and regulations.

Why: PEI is the most regulated rental market in Canada, making it crucial for RRAP to continuously engage with politicians and government officials.

What We do: RRAP appears before legislative committees, organizes meetings with the Premier and Ministers, prepares briefs/presentations for Members of the Legislative Assembly and meets with officials to constantly promote better government decision-making that benefits both housing providers and tenants.

Communications and Media Relations

We serve as the voice of housing providers with industry, media, the public and other stakeholders to ensure our industry’s issues are understood and recognized.

Why: Rental issues and stories make headlines. Sometimes these headlines are founded and the entire sector carries the burden of an image created by the actions of a few.

Other times, the media have got the facts wrong or simply choose to present one side of a story.

As such providing factual information to the media, the public, and even our own members is essential.

What do we do: RRAP regularly interacts with the media, responding to reporters’ questions and/or issuing our own news releases in response to issues of the day. Our goal is to provide fair and objective information that becomes part of the story.

Member Services

We offer tools, information, and discount programs to help housing providers operate their businesses efficiently.

Why: Our sector is made up of thousands of small businesses as well as some larger operators.  Our goal is to identify areas where RRAP can provide information, tools, and discount programs to the sector in a cost-effective manner.

What do we do: We help members in a number of ways with tools such as sample leases/legal documents, information webinars on topics of interests such as CMHC/provincial housing programs, and assistance in interpreting IRAC rules and guidelines.

Additionally, we negotiate with suppliers to secure discounted pricing for our members on a variety of goods and services.

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