Tenant Application Clarification

April 24th, 2024 | Media Releases, News

We wish to address concerns raised in the article titled “Centralized application for renters in P.E.I. could lead to privacy concerns, tenant blacklist: advocate” author Logan MacLean. We are disappointed that the notion of a tenant blacklist was mentioned without prior discussion with our association. A conversation could have helped clarify that we do not support nor facilitate any form of blacklisting.

Our Rental Application was designed to simplify the housing search by connecting renters with multiple landlords through a single application. This initiative aims to streamline the often tedious process of applying for rental housing, accommodating the diverse needs of the community.

Privacy and Data Protection: The Residential Rental Association of PEI takes our responsibilities regarding privacy and data protection seriously. Our privacy statement, which all applicants acknowledge before submitting their information, clearly states that the data provided will only be shared with members of our association for the purposes of evaluating potential tenancy. This ensures that personal information is not used for any unauthorized purposes.

Specific Exclusions: Recognizing the importance of personal discretion, our application has been updated to include a section where tenants can specify if there are any landlords with whom they do not wish to share information. This gives renters more control over who their information is shared with.

Retention Policy: To further protect privacy, all information submitted through our application is automatically deleted after 30 days. This policy is part of our commitment to data security and ensures that personal information is not held longer than necessary.

We encourage anyone that has concerns to reach out directly to our executive director at executivedirector@rrap.ca. This direct line of communication ensures that any issues can be addressed promptly and effectively.

We are open to feedback from all stakeholders, including advocacy groups such as P.E.I. Fight for Affordable Housing. Continuous dialogue helps us to refine our processes and adhere to the highest standards of privacy protection.

We hope this response clarifies the intentions behind and the safeguards embedded within our rental application system, dispelling any concerns related to a potential tenant blacklist.