Residential Rental Association of PEI Condemns Actions of Landlord who Forged Documents

November 24th, 2021 | Media Releases


Charlottetown:November 24, 2021: “The Residential Rental Association of PEI (RRAP) strongly condemns the recent action by a Charlottetown property owner who forged documents in an attempt to secure a rental increase,” said association executive director, Cecil Villard.

While RRAP believes the current regulations prohibiting it’s members from charging fair market value when properties become vacant go too far, they represent the law as it currently stands.  As such, they must be followed, and the association urges all landlords to do so.

At the same time, RRAP asks those who are quick to paint all landlords with the same brush to put things into perspective.  There are over 17,500 renters on Prince Edward Island.   As much as we are concerned about the recent event, we believe it is an isolated incident.

“As an association, we continue to have dialogue with the provincial government on the planned update to residential rental legislation and are committed to a balanced approach,” said Villard.